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He marched his army to Egypt in 601 or 600 BCE and fierce battles occurred, because the Babylonians and the defending Egyptians inflicted heavy losses on one another (Finegan 1979). Johoiakim modified allegiance twice, first to Nebuchadnezzar and then again once more to Necho, and he died in about 598 BCE. Perhaps the Upper Fortress was destroyed during these fierce battles between the Babyloni-ans and Egyptians in 601 or 600 BCE, maybe punishing Johoiakim for changing alliance. For example, the sting of the highlands, overlooking the Wadi Arabah that separates modern Israel and Jordan, is characterized by elevations that reach over 1500 masl, a semi-arid landscape and pockets of Mediterranean rainfall zones with over 600 mm of common annual rainfall (Centre 2001). In distinction, the lowlands of Edom, with elevations reaching ca. -80 masl, is typical of the Saharo-Arabian desert phytogeographic zone with pockets of Sudanian flora (Danin 1983), with imply annual rainfall at lower than 70 mm. The area of Edom in southern Jordan extends roughly from the Wadi al-Hasa in the north to the Wadi Hisma and Jabal Ram within the south, the Wadi Arabah on the west and Transjordanian desert plateau to the east (Bartlett 1992; Glueck 1940a). The 2 most essential physiographic attri-butes of Edom include: (a) the presence of one of many richest copper ore deposits in the southern Levant (Hauptmann 2000) and (b) the marked geographic and environmental variety between the ‘lowlands’ and ‘highlands’ of Edom.

The fortress at Tell el-Qudeirat was the closest Judean presence near Egypt, situated solely 25 km west of Wadi el-Arish. 2003) described the Iron Age settlement along the Wadi Guwayb where Khirbat en-Nahas is located and one among its tributaries, the Wadi al-Jariyeh, as an ‘Iron Age panorama’ that mirrored the organization and energy of copper manufacturing within the Faynan district at the moment. 12 of the jap wadi at Horvat Haluqim, based mostly on a sheep or goat bone. Radiocarbon measurement of a bone from a sheep or goat gave an AMS date of 2860 ± 40 BP (GrA-14398). Bone dates from sheep or goats are based on short-lived organic materials. This lack of association with cultural materials might also have contributed to archaeologists paying little consideration to the GMM KEN dates in constructing fashions of settlement and history for Iron Age Edom. Conse-quently, with the exception of the only date from Building 200 (HD 13978), all of the dates come from industrial deposits that lack cultural material akin to pottery, scarabs, floor stone, casting molds, and so forth.

Long ago, Glueck (1940: 66) described the close by Medieval Islamic metal processing site of Khirbet Neqeib Aseimer as consisting of a large rectangular constructing with massive deposits of slag abutting and surrounding it. Based on over 350 ground stone artifacts together with grinding slabs, mortars, pestles, and different objects present in affiliation with thick deposits of crushed slag across the perimeter of this constructing, we assume slag was intensively crushed here to retrieve as much residual copper embedded in the slag as attainable. This stratum represents more scanty proof of metal manufacturing with a series of relatively ephemeral stone constructed installations connected around the perimeter of the gate including these areas instantly in entrance of the passageway. As will probably be shown below, the passageway or avenue between the 2 units of guard rooms had been intentionally sealed in antiquity, so it was decided to depart this blockage unexcavated. It does, nevertheless, stand up remarkably well to such findings, and the arguments now normally revolve around one or two years on the tip of reigns and the affiliations of particular person kings quite than wholesale adjustments in the length or nature of the chronology. The 2002 University of California, San Diego-Department of Antiquities of Jordan (UCSD-DOAJ) archaeological excavations on the copper pro-duction center of Khirbat en-Nahas (KEN) show monumental building and industrial scale copper production in two major phases dating to the twelfth-11th and tenth-ninth centuries BCE.